Welcome to the world of Tom Bianchi

This site has been created so I can share my most intimate thoughts, experiences and my queer take on the world as I see it. I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you do - feel free to share it!

- Tom - Tom



Between 1978 and 1990 I created hundreds of paintings and sculpture – from small works on paper to two story high sculpture.  Today, most all this work is in private and public collections.  Much of this work was commissioned by corporate clients for public spaces.

The largest part of this work came within the painting group series – TEMPLES TO HOLD THE SKY. These works often contained multiple sky, sea and landscapes within architectural constructs.  My intent in this work was to create what appeared often as artifacts of an ancient civilization with references to stain glass windows, urban maps, and decorated building facades.  The work was constructed of wood, paper, foam core, metallic leaf, concrete, found papers and natural elements such as eggshells.  The later paintings included figurative elements.

An observation of George Santayana in his late 19th century lectures at Harvard on aesthetics informed this work.  He said that if the viewer, by reason of life experience, looked into the sky and saw God – or divine energy – then when he saw a representation of that sky, the observer might find God there as well.