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Ciel Bergman | 1938 – 2017 | Serene Healing Gate

Ciel Bergman by Tasha Ostrander 2016

  In the early 1980s I moved from New York to Los Angeles with the rather arrogant notion that I would bring art sophistication to a province. I laugh at my pretention today. I found my way into the company of a number of California artists who challenged me with their wisdom and talent. One […]

Revolution Now

Tornado Sky 4 | Palm Springs

Early on, I supported Bernie Sanders. Disappointed that he did not win, I appreciate the power of his present message. He directs our attention to the long game. We honor his optimistic vision with action to prove his progressive agenda is within reach now. Hillary Clinton and I were raised in Chicago suburbs a few […]

Edward Albee – My First Affair


One night in the fall of 1969 I was brought to a gay bar  in Chicago by David Trent, a man I’d recently met who was introducing me to gay life. As we walked in – this was my second or third gay bar visit – David looked across to the bar and said, “Oh, that’s […]

Scott Nichols Gallery | San Francisco

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21 featured

When I first began making photographs, I aimed to fill a gap – to show what had not (widely) been shown. When it came to the male nude and / or gay life, the gap was cavernous. Today the Internet provides countless thousands of images to fill that huge hole. And many of those images […]


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Forty years ago Edward Albee told me that one of the most difficult problems for a writer who makes art about real life tragedies, is that because the event itself ought change consciousness, the writer must take care not to create metaphors that allow the viewer to distance himself from the horror of the real […]


Mark 1 | 1989 | Graphite on paper

Facebook recently took down this photograph of one of my life-sized figure drawings. They sent me an email claiming I’d violated “community standards” and instructed me to read their policy statement. The applicable paragraph reads: “Nudity and Pornography – Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where […]


Instagram: Untitled @tombianchi

The debate about what our response to Putin’s anti gay laws should be is escalating. Today, Stephen Fry added his eminently intelligent and ethical voice to the conversation. He makes a compelling case for an Olympic boycott and I urge you to read it here. He reminds us that the world went to the Berlin […]


putin pink triangletmb

The Federation of Gay Games, for whom I am an Ambassador, recently asked me to make suggestions for a response to the insane crack down on the LGBT community in Russia. Many eloquent voices have arisen suggesting everything from a boycott of Russian Vodka (Dan Savage) to a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in […]