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Revolution Now

Tornado Sky 4 | Palm Springs

Early on, I supported Bernie Sanders. Disappointed that he did not win, I appreciate the power of his present message. He directs our attention to the long game. We honor his optimistic vision with action to prove his progressive agenda is within reach now.

Hillary Clinton and I were raised in Chicago suburbs a few miles apart. She’s one year younger than me. I have a sense of her. We both grew up in Chicago, the city of “broad shoulders”, an often brutal place mired in racism, homophobia and misogyny.

I watched her emerge on the public stage as the right wing vilified her day one for daring to be a smart woman with her own mind. The hate began with stupid criticism of her for keeping her last name as part of her identity. Regressive forces would not tolerate a woman who dared her independence. They unleashed an unending barrage of insane charges against her (including murder) throughout her public life. They misused untold millions of tax payer dollars in their partisan rampage through her life to come up with – Nothing.

These myriad assaults created a defensive habit in her – an attempt to deflect charges with excuses – at times tenuous ones. This trait has not served her. Also, we don’t need her to prove she has bigger balls than most men. That’s a dangerous mind-set in a world desperately in need of lessons about the power of our love over the power of our arms.

I pray a decisive election win will encourage the woman in her suit of armor, to emerge as her best self. I see that process happening now. We all – every one of us – need to go through this transformation.

Trump’s bragged about history of serial sexual assaults on women brings into focus what drives us to revolution. Male dominant energy is disintegrating – as it must. Trump is the exemplar of everything corrupt about that power’s misuse. Ancillary problems – the greed for power and money – the homophobia stoked to gain political power – the attacks on a woman’s right to control her body – the fascist racism of “white power” – sprout from the same toxic seed.

Trump has exposed the cynicism of the remains of a Republican Party that exploits people easily manipulated by fear. We need to remove such people from power and reverse the damage they have done to our democracy. I vote for Hillary and hope she has an overwhelming mandate and a Congress to move a progressive agenda forward.

Embrace the Revolution. Encourage Hillary to be an honest midwife to a new order in which we support one another. Our collective spiritual power is immense. Every thought we have / every word we speak can advance the revolution now.

 – Tom

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  1. Gene Gordon says:

    Tom – I enjoyed readng your very meaningful post. It is ironic that I have also made posts regarding the power and “logic” of love, today. I, too, was a devotee of Bernie and was bitter after his loss for candidate. I could not stay bitter and rigidly attached to Bernie…that would serve no purpose. While watching the painful debates, I noticed a very calm and solid character emerge from Hillary. I am confident that she will be great in office. Thanks, again Gene Gordon.

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