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When I first began making photographs, I aimed to fill a gap – to show what had not (widely) been shown. When it came to the male nude and / or gay life, the gap was cavernous. Today the Internet provides countless thousands of images to fill that huge hole. And many of those images are wonderful. I revisit my early photos to see where I am in this story before the explosion of erotic imagery.

I find many images from the very first rolls of 35 mm film I shot to be both beautiful and instructive. The shoot recorded here was made about 1980, contemporaneous with the making of my Polaroids. These photos are rare. I shot fewer than two-dozen rolls of 35mm film with a small $60 plastic Hanimex back then. I bought it as an inexpensive toy, one that might produce reference material for my drawings. But I find arresting images in these early efforts, more so perhaps because they are naive.

Peter B 5 | Fire Island | B&W 35mm by Tom Bianchi

I found great classic beauty in a number of my friends back then. Peter is a fine example of a man with a natural body that inspired Greek artists to take hammer and chisel to marble. These pictures of Peter were made in the Pines one day at my pool and in my bedroom. I’d painted my room black because it was a place to have sex. The naked body looked amazing in this context.

Peter B 12 | Fire Island | B&W 35mm by Tom Bianchi

The friends I photographed back then were comfortable with their sexual energy. I was fortunate that they shared that with me. The idea of the male nude as art – even with erections and high levels of sexual charge – was still new territory. I wanted my images to be “real”. I never considered hiring “models” to pose. This is just us – horny guys on a greyish hazy day in the Pines with an afternoon free and some tension to release.

Peter B 21 | Fire Island | B&W 35mm by Tom Bianchi

I also found one Polaroid I made that day with Peter.

Peter B | Fire Island | Polaroid by Tom Bianchi

In combination with chapters from current shoots, I now begin a series in the Members Archive section to explore the breadth of my black and white work from the beginning on.

 – Tom


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  1. Bobby Pin says:

    Hi Tom,

    i have been a fan of yours for many years. of course, you have opened many doors to many photographers and made the erotic male nudes an art form with your photography. however; i believe your ‘work’ are amazing snapshots of your life, documenting the times of gay life when it was relatively unseen by many people, like you mentioned in your blog.

    i feel an electric charge running through your work, like right before a thunderstorm. i slowly consume your images and they stay with me like a friend. i take my time reading your blog, especially from the ‘pines years’ on fire island. there is an excitement and an unspoken mystery that you capture during those times. i sometimes can imagine myself there with you and with those gorgeous men in your life. but i can also feel that many of your male companions are no longer with us, they quietly echo that through your photos, like the wind that brushes through my hair – it gently reminds me to breathe.

    Bravo on your work! I look forward to your next post.

    Bobby Pin

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