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This site has been created so I can share my most intimate thoughts, experiences and my queer take on the world as I see it. I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you do - feel free to share it!

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Avedon once said that all his pictures were self-portraits. In a sense, this is true for every artist. The artist shows what is in his mind. I’ve come to a few conclusions about the art world. I’m not interested in academic discussions designed to make it appear that an artist is grappling with profound thoughts. Too many artists’ careers are dependent on big art money for validation – so they make art for that purpose. Dare I say it – this kind of work is designed for an audience more interested in the hyped value of the work than the ideas that underlie it. Emperor Artspeak has no clothes.


I prefer a different kind of grappling. I document sensual play. And what to some is frivolous is to me fascinating because I see underlying serious messages in play. Play is the alternative to angst. We need to learn to value play.


Recently Ben and I had the wonderful company of Cam and Perry when they visited Palm Springs White Party weekend. We shot these lusty lovers for a presently running series in the DEEP SEX section of the site. (Members Link – Click here for the full story)


My work is a diary / pictures of my life – now “our” life as Ben has joined me in this intimate exploration. I threw myself into the deep end years ago and still enjoy doing it again from time to time. I look back at a lot of documentary photography and see a great deal of isolation and sadness in the human condition documented by so many of my predecessors. I look at my own work and smile at the joy I’ve found. This is serious business. My body of work tells the world what is in my mind in the clearest terms I can muster. Joy is a profound idea.

– Tom

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  1. Cy Tetenman says:

    I’ve been a fan of yours for many years. your pics are very erotic and leave things to my imagination. Just perfect.

  2. Tom Bianchi says:

    Thanks for your compliments Cy – very much appreciated. – Tom

  3. Daniele Pera says:

    very erotic images,I like how you capture some details

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