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NY Apartment

Ben and I are in New York working on the new Fire Island Polaroid book with our D.A.P. production crew. Our friends Jay and Mark loaned us their NY penthouse for our stay – and the owners of the Empire State Building lit it up a purple pink. Made us feel right at home.

We are finalizing the files for uploading to Italy where we go to press on Monday morning. Alex Galan, smiling, is the executive overseeing the project. Fabian, left, is creating the design files to instruct the press for printing.

Alex Galan DAP Artbook

We did a color check on our files at Duggal, a well-known photo printer in NY with experts in making the work look as beautifully close to the original Polaroids as possible. We found that their crew had an ability to pull rabbits out of hats as they showed us solutions to some last minute issues. We tested the original Polaroids against the match prints Duggal made. Nice.

Fire Island Polaroid Print Check

We have been reviewing the files and making all the last minute corrections – everything from the text and layout to “It looks like we’re a double page spread short.” All issues resolved. But – when we get on the plane for Bologna tomorrow, we’ll take a deep breath. Next are the press issues. I’m excited to see the book roll off the presses.  We hope for smooth sailing.

– Tom

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2 Responses to “NEW YORK TO ITALY”

  1. stephen beck says:

    I’m curious whether you recorded your subjects’ identities when you took their picture. It would be interesting to some day research what happened to them.

    In researching social history, an especially vexing obstacle has been unidentified subjects in vintage photographs. With identities, I can research back stories and use photos to illustrate history rather than ambiance.

    Some day, some historian will examine your collection for clues to particular questions. Identified subjects would be valuable information to them, and increase the importance of your work.

    In any event, I look forward to your Fire Island Pines.

    As an amateur social historian

    • Tom Bianchi says:

      Thanks for your comment Steven, many people are identified in the memoir at the front of the book with a link to their photo page. I know the names of most of the people photographed for the book. Sadly few are still with us today. Ben and I recording many details relating to the archives and most peoples names are recorded with each shoot and relevant model release. We hope you enjoy the book.

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