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A storm cloud has hung over us. As of last night, when we reelected Barack Obama, the cloud has begun to lift. I‘d feared that too many fellow citizens were such frightened and unconscious souls that they were buying the glib lies of men whose pursuit of power and wealth was their preeminent agenda. Many remain gullible. But if the majority of us couldn’t see that day one, enough of us learned that to be the case from the mouths of these men when they spoke to their friends behind our backs. We said no to them and yes to a better vision for of us all. Today we celebrate.

Todd Allen dances here on the Fire Island beach recently hit by hurricane Sandy. We shot just a few months before the big storm tore through. This picture seems an apt one for where I see us today. The forces of fear remain with us. The right wing souls who lost the election include men (likely old white guys) who will be furious for some time to come. Eventually, they will die off – or grow in consciousness. We must show them they need have no fear of a world growing more diverse and loving. We can pray for them to wake up to this truth.

When we celebrate – we do so for all our sakes and not because we “beat” the other side. The other side might not be able to see it yet – but they too now live in a better America. And we can dance on.

– Tom

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