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It’s only taken 37 years to get my Fire Island SX-70 Polaroids published as a book. Damiani / D.A.P. will release a 212 page book of these pictures next spring. Damiani is an art book publisher / printer in Bologna who produces fine art books for world known artists and institutions. We’re super pleased to see this project handled so handsomely.

The production began recently by sorting through the thousands of SX-70s I shot in the Pines between 1975 and 1983. Back in the early 80s I produced a dummy of the book. Editors at the biggest publishers loved it. Their marketing people thought it too risky to produce a book so queer. Below is a page from the original dummy. After a number of turn downs I’d boxed these pictures and put them away. That box has traveled with me from New York to Los Angeles to San Francisco and finally Palm Springs. Now the pictures are being sorted and placed in binders in protective sleeves.

Ben and I have been working intensely to get the photos cleaned and scanned to build a new dummy on screen. We’re about half way through so far. We have a deadline of mid January but I like to be ahead of turn in dates. So we are hoping for a finished design before Christmas. We have been pouring over this material for months now and are discovering that a great deal of treasure has been hidden away for a very long time. We will share some glimpses of the book as it unfolds this fall.

– Tom

Now Available for Pre-Order!


  1. Joe says:

    I’m so looking forward to this book!!!

  2. Carla Mathis says:

    Can not find your book.

  3. Justin Faulkner says:

    Dear Tom and Ben,

    I have been going to Fire Island for many years (21) and will be back in Summer’17.

    Your book is beautiful and the introduction captures every feeling, nuance and the essence of what FI Pines was, is and always will be. It was so poetically written and both captured and showcased the special unique beauty and magic of the Pines and CG.

    I was very deeply moved reading it and viewing the polaroid photographs in it.

    I’m so grateful that you shared them in this wonderful book.

    All the best for a happy, healthy 2017. I hope to see you both in the Pines this Summer. :-)


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