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We ran into Todd Allen who I was about to shoot dancing on the beach in a gathering storm. This is a rare shot I have of Todd unposed, as he talked to Ben.

I think the pictures that describe life in the Pines best are the ones that are simple observations of life here – moments of unposed life. Here, an eclectic mix of friends amuses one another in conversation. I find the details of life observed infinitely interesting and beautiful. Back in the 1970s and early 80s, I was recording life here with my SX 70 Polaroid. Now, new photograph technology allows us to see these conversations close up. And I’m glad to watch the conversation continue.

The younger man jogs, the older man strides with authority. I took this picture for Ben. Ben’s erotic preferences tend toward silver hair. Nothing like a manly man who looks like he made it out of boyhood in great shape.

I watched two men go down to the beach. One on crutches, was carried by his friend. A song came to mind, ‘He’s not heavy he’s my lover.’

Another random catch, a young man poses for his girlfriend.

Ben caught this interaction while I was off shooting dogs. This man, wrapped in the Union Jack, shows how to pose with drama. I’m not generally a fan of heroic drama displays. I think George Bush made a huge mistake when he landed on the aircraft carrier to announce Mission Accomplished.

He then took over the camera and showed his friend how to do it. Not sure you should try this under any circumstance. But I am glad to see they were having fun.

– Tom

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