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The Pines is rich with canine subjects to photograph. As a dog lover who loves to shoot dogs, I know that everywhere I go here I will find happy dogs. Years ago, I discovered the book, Kinship with All Life by J. Allen Boone whose investigation of animal intelligence began with his relationship with Strongheart – the first movie star dog. One day on the beach playing with this wonderful dog, Boone elegantly and poetically concluded that there is no limit to what a dog is. He saw myriad qualities he valued in life – loyalty – playfulness – beauty – all coalescing from the cosmos and expressing themselves on the beach as – DOG. And this is exactly how I see dogs – amazingly beautiful expressions of playful love.

Dogs simply being dogs bring a smile to my heart.

“How cute is this puppy” is a genre we love for obvious reasons.

At times, the athletic prowess and bravery of a dog stops you in your tracks. No, this is not a seal.

Irish Setters can fly . . .

. . . as can Dachshunds – almost.

Dash Rip Rock, a black lab owned by friends of ours, demonstrated both super agility and generous spiritedness as he shared his stick with his buddy Tag. Dash is fearless in the pursuit of his stick and Tag knows he’ll get a piece of the action.

I also love that dogs think that what ever you have, you might be inclined to share with them. This poodle ran into the game to let the players know he enjoys volleyball too.

This is the Pines after all, so it was no surprise that we’d meet dog celebrities. Major Deegan is appearing in a fall edition of British Vogue – sitting in the lap of some redhead.

Dogs are ubiquitous through out the village. This noble terrier was keeping watch from the roof deck of a neighbor’s house.

This West Highland was waiting for her master at the bottom of the stairs to the grocery store. We’d met Brie earlier on the beach and would run into Brie again on the ferry as we left the island. Another nice thing about the Pines is that you run into old and new friends all over.

Dogs like to cruise too. That’s another thing I like about them.

But if I had to pick just one dog picture from this trip – it would have to be this one of a Teacup Pomeranian. His picture begs for a caption from those of us who anthropomorphize our pets. Many thoughts come to mind – but I’ll leave that exercise to your imagination.

– Tom

One Response to “FIRE ISLAND DOGS”

  1. tom smith says:

    Great photos! But then I always love your photos. Yes the nudes are awesome and the DEEP SEX section is HOT, but by far my most favorites are “Fire Island Dogs”!
    I guess the next chapter would be “Fire Island Pigs” but then that would have to be in the Deep Sex section!

    I love your work! and body too!

    Do you have any showings in Palm Springs in January? I would love to see your work up close!


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