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Random encounters on the beach can lead to many transactions from “let’s get together some day” – required by our busy schedules on the beach – to “what are you doing this afternoon? Ben and I met James and were drawn to his smile. With James – it was “let’s get together some day” because of the too many events with which we were all engaged. We hope to have James as a guest here in Palm Springs in the future. But in the meantime, we found James eminently photogenic – as well as being a very nice guy.

The Pines is always a place to run into old friends and acquaintances – and as was with the case of running into John, waving, we met his handsome partner too.

Passing the volleyball court offered an opportunity to catch men in motion. We walked this route daily and I often saw something I wanted to record.

Naturally, given that going natural is cool in the Pines, opportunities to record us in our naked state were constant. When I capture a handsome image, I like to meet and show the subject the result.

Ben caught this double ass shot as I was showing what I’d shot.

I returned the favor when I captured Ben lying on the beach napping out.

I saw Carlos from New York coming toward me. Ben met Carlos on Facebook before we came to the beach. The beach offers the chance to turn virtual friends into real ones. Carlos is a man we wanted to know. I also wanted to know where he got this magnificent – bathing suit.

We hope to get to know Carlos better. We will be back and forth between here and New York on business in the future and it’s always good to know photogenic men.

We met Britt early on our stay in the Pines. I told him I thought he’d be a good subject for a full shoot, but this handsome man was content just having his pictures made for the blog. He told us he’d be flattered to appear here – so here he is.

– Tom

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