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Ben and I arrived in New York for a five-week trip – planning to spend most of that time in the Pines where we’re working on the book of Fire Island Polaroids I shot in the 1970s and early 1980s. Ever true to itself, the Pines is a place where connections happen. Last visit we met the executive and publicist with the company that will oversee our book project. This trip, we came to an understanding on the basic terms for the publication of the book and will have a press release soon. But what we can say at present is that we are very happy that the people we’ll be working with know and love the Pines. Most important, they are a fine art press. They know and appreciate the Pine’s place in American cultural history and the importance of the visual record we are about to publish.

We started our trip in Manhattan at the home of our hosts here at the beach, Jay and Mark, whose Pines beach wedding we came to a few weeks ago. We sat on their terrace with a wonderful view of the Empire State Building. I was reminded of the reason I came to New York so many years ago in the first place. That reason can be stated simply – it is NEW YORK.

Next morning, we headed to the beach. I’m always happy to see the mainland recede as we leave for the strange beautiful and remote place the Pines is. Last time we were here, Ben and I had a brilliant day on the beach recorded for the site – From Beach to Bed – the newest chapter in the Journal section of the Member’s Area.

We are seeing many interesting and beautiful things and people here. We intend to find some men to shoot, knowing you’d expect no less. But we start with one of those “only here” observations. More to come.

– Tom


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