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Ben and I chanced upon a trio of playful pups having a high energy time on the beach. I was engaged in conversation with a beautifully formed young lithe man standing naked on the beach, who, if he accepts our invitation to shoot, you will see more of later.

Ben shot him as he ran into the ocean

Ben’s eye was then drawn further along the beach. And this is what caught his attention. As we approached the trio, one came up from the surf and reminded me that I’d shot him four years earlier on the beach.  Claud is the tall lean charmer who was dancing on the beach recorded in Journal 96 on the Members Area.

We were introduced to his buddies, Patrick with amazing eyelashes and Joey, also handsome with a wolf on his thigh.  We told them that if they were cool with us shooting, their aquatic rough housing would certainly make a photo essay blog.  And here it is – some fun in the sun.

An expanded look at the shoot that just happened by chance – brilliant chance.

– Tom

2 Responses to “DAYS ON THE BEACH 2”

  1. Mike Schuck says:

    Of course these guys are hot and have butts to die for but the best part of these photos is that they show that there is happiness out there. These guys are truly having a good time and that’s nice to see nowadays. Kudos to them for living life as it should be lived and kudos to you for photographing and sharing.

  2. Rich T. says:

    I totally agree with you, Mike! Love to be there romping in the waves with them, tho my butt surely doesn’t look nearly as good as theirs! :-/ Thanks for the show!

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