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Pretty much every day Ben and I spend some time on the beach. I’m a hyperactive type who wants to take a walk to see what might be out there. Never been big on just laying.

Three constants on the beach are houses, people and dogs. That triad allows me to focus. This series will report on those walks. I’m glad to see if there is more than that triad, but when the elements I’ve identified are particularly photogenic, that’s what you’ll be seeing to start.


The “clam shell” house has always been one of my favorites. It’s the perfect Fire Island house – echoing as it does the shapes of the dunes and waves – open to the sky – a visual analogy for a shell – the perfect comfort zone for creatures of the sea.


Ben and I often stop to watch a dog play. Pups on the beach – a frequent theme. This picture also lets you know what a gorgeous day looks like at Fire Island.

This retriever was quite the athlete – recovering his large stick from a churning surf.

Ben and I met Anthony – a psychotherapist from Los Angeles. I’ve often said that we men are like dogs in that some of us are great bulldogs – others great whippets. Anthony – lean and svelte – is a great whippet.

We ran into some other guys we’d just met and I asked them to do something – anything but line up in a row to stare at the camera.  I asked if they could make a pyramid of three – but they thought better of the idea. And the photo of the consideration of their consideration of my idea was the better idea.

This last picture, the most intriguing from an art making perspective, was taken by Ben as a self-portrait. This one has magic for me. Sexy surreal – and beautiful.

– Tom

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  1. John Welch says:

    I am envious, I Have not been to Fire Island in at least 10 years. Hope you guys are having fun. Love the pics and a look into Fire Island Life.


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