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I am huge fan of the show West Wing that chronicled a more smart and socially conscious President than the reality of the Bush administration in office at the time. I’ve yet to see Aaron Sorkin’s new TV show, The Newsroom, but judging from the clip below, Sorkin’s razor sharp voice and mind gives us another alternative view of how the world could be if more people had the courage to penetrate the denial of what America has become.

As a child of the Kennedy era, I was the beneficiary of a society that believed in excellence in education, science and the arts and offered affordable student loans. Then came the Vietnam era and the corruption of the mean spirited Nixon administration that assumed we were so stupid they could sell us their lies hiding as they did, behind claims of patriotism. The Regan administration furthered the decline of the American dream, focusing as it did, on the American Imperium. Bush was a pale imitation of Regan’s imitation of John Wayne’s macho bravado and we slipped into economic chaos and national despair as a result.

President Obama took great heat for the “Goddam America” statements by Jeremiah Wright, the minister of a church he attended. Unquestionably, having a black minister make such strident statements was politically toxic. But both Reverend Wright and Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy spoke the truth to power. Obviously, America needs the lesson. That Romney is the Republican nominee is proof that men of moral courage need to step forward. Now.

I went to Banana Republic a few weeks ago to buy a white shirt to wear to Jay and Mark’s wedding. Most of their polo shirts had an elephant logo on it. I found one that was logo free and teased the pretty salesperson, asking if anyone had objected to what appeared as a Republican elephant. She seemed not to understand the joke. When I asked her if she was going to vote in the November election, she was non-committal. She said she really didn’t understand the issues, but told me her grandmother was against Obama care. I asked if her grandmother benefited from Medicare, but the question and its relevance seemed beyond her reach.

No elephants on me

She reminded me of the girl in the Newsroom clip who asked McAvoy to state why America is the greatest nation on earth. We have bred a new generation lacking the mental acuity to penetrate Republican lies. Does the fact that the Banana Republic, with the connotations of that name, uses an elephant as its logo suggest anything?

 – Tom

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