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Jon and Vic came to spend a weekend with Ben and me resulting in a great trove of pictures. I’ve shot Jon now in each of the three houses I’ve had in Palm Springs. He drove his Harley into the living room of the Vista Oro house and replaced the couch as the locus of the shoot. This story was published in my book DEEP SEX. Jon also visited at the Janis House for a duo with Sergey published in the Members Area in DEEP SEX chapters 207 through 210. This trip Jon came with his lover Vic who turned out to be as engaging – and über sexy – as Jon is.

The record of their visit begins in the Members Area section in DEEP SEX on July 26 ’12. This visit is a great example of what the Members Area is all about. Now that my lover Ben has joined me as a participant and co-creator – this is an erotic diary of our life and the life of our friends willing to share themselves intimately.

I love the candid behind the scenes pictures that document what it’s like to have sexy friends playing at the house. We always have an agenda – ideas for things we want to explore and see what art may come from that. But our main agenda is to bring you into the experience of the whole process. First morning we decided to do a workout with the TRX. Jon and Vic had some colorful Jocks to wear. I thought they filled them out handsomely.

This particular exercise was a great one to show off muscularity so we had both Vic and Jon give it a go. And if I might use this occasion to sing the praises of natural body hair on a man – this is my song.

Naturally, I wanted to see this repeated naked. I’ve always loved the idea of Greek athletes working out in the nude – and we have the perfect outdoor gym to realize that fantasy. Or as we pointed out to a friend with whom we had a similar work out session recently – the fantasy is our reality.

Now properly pumped, we went to the pool to see what we might make there. This first photo documents the set up for both Ben and I to explore.

I did a crop of the image isolating the two figures in the composition. I do not have an opinion as to whether the cropped version or whole picture is the better image. Fortunately, since the way we work allows you to see both – I don’t have to decide. You have enough information to make that decision for yourself. I like showing you what we’re thinking and you can bring your own imagination to the exercise.

This is what Ben saw from his point of view. I like having this additional information. Art at base is an experience of “something” that expands your imagination – causes you to see more. As an art concept – the search for that “something” is as interesting to me as the claim that the “something” has been identified. In this sense, while the individual picture may be seen as art – the whole of the record (edited of course to avoid redundancy) is also the art piece – just as the whole of the novel is the “something” containing certain passages that may provoke epiphanies.

We had a great time with these men and those stories will be told at TomBianchi.com beginning shortly. We found and recorded the intense passion these men have for one another.

– Tom


  1. ChrisJ says:

    The last three pics are the best. So sexy at rest.

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