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This site has been created so I can share my most intimate thoughts, experiences and my queer take on the world as I see it. I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you do - feel free to share it!

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RELEASE DATE:               June 30th 2012

REF:                                    PR08GAL

OPENING DATE:              June 30th 2012

OPENING HOURS:          24/7



Tom is an artist who finds joy in making a record of his most intimate experiences and dreams. As a gay man he finds the world sexually dysfunctional for having tied sex to power. His aim is to present us with our most beautiful selves so that we may appreciate the divinity of our sexual energy and its connection to love.

The TOM BIANCHI GALLERY has been created online to display key works from a huge archive of material. While Tom is one of the most published erotic artists, much of the work spanning over four decades, remains largely unseen.

Over the last 18 months, through his blog at TomBianchi.com, Tom has been sharing his thoughts on the world as he sees it, and often uses his understanding of art history and its influence on his work as the discussion point. The FINE ART blog category is where to go to further explore Tom’s philosophy on art, life and love.

Tom states, “Nowhere in the Universe is it written that a flower is an appropriate subject for art – but a penis is not”

Paul Monette’s foreword from Tom’s book OUT OF THE STUDIO, provides an understanding of Tom’s work, “It’s a world washed clean of anxiety, unafraid to celebrate itself, as unfettered by the mortal dread as a wild animal. We can be glad that Tom Bianchi’s heart is as keen and wide as his eye. The sumptuous geography of his imagination is a match for the dream he captures – of men at play, men at ease, men for real.”

Tom lives in Palm Springs, California with his partner Ben Smales, a Yorkshire man. “Ben is also a co-creator of new works and Director of the website and Gallery. We share a passion to celebrate erotic life expressed in art. We have both come from worlds whose values we challenge by offering visions of a more sensual way of being.”

Tom provides deep personal insights for each image, inviting the viewer to see the world through his lens; the experience is often challenging and always beautiful.

Each image can be viewed individually or as a slideshow. The prints are available in limited editions, printed in a premium archival format and signed by the artist. They are available to purchase in a range of sizes as large as 40 x 55”.





“1988, the year I got my first 35mm SLR, was also the year my lover died of AIDS. Most of the photos from the classic B+W gallery were originally made for the book OUT OF THE STUDIO, intended as both a memorial of our loss and a ray of hope for all of us then suffering the trauma of the epidemic.”


MEN IN BLUE WATER – 8 images


“As a reflective multi-dimensional environment, the pool is a natural light box that provides elegant light – reflected light that defines and caresses the curves of a naked body.”





“In the 1970s I was a young New York lawyer given an SX-70 Polaroid by Columbia Pictures where I worked. I took the camera to my beach house at Fire Island Pines on weekends and recorded the life of the emerging gay community in this notorious place during the decade often referred to as Golden.”



Additional Information

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For Press and Gallery queries please contact:

Ben Smales – CEO

Mind Form Media Inc.

+1 760 898 8487

Tom is also available for studio visits at his home in Palm Springs


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