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Palm Springs is a year round outdoor town, particularly wonderful in the summer when so much of our social life is spent in the pool. I’ve been asked why I moved to Palm Springs.  My usual glib answer is that I got to an age where I wanted three lanes in every direction with no traffic. But these pictures more accurately describe what I love about life here.

Marc has thrown a White Party Weekend pool party the last several years to kick off the summer season

Marc found a brilliant solution to keep your house tidy when guests need to use the head at a pool party. As my mom might have said, “You gay boys think up some pretty crazy things when you get to decorating.  Where do you get these ideas?”

A shot into the glass of Marc’s house, captures the magic of the day and the setting. We live at the foot of mountains that shield us from incoming clouds from the coast.  And that is why we generally have more than 365 days of sunshine each year. We also are essentially a gay town.  And that is why our parties look like this.

And this. Mirror ball pool toys are uncommon unless you are at the home of friend and photographer Jim Cox and his partner Tom.

As important as decoration are the guests - Jeff and Ben

However, sometimes in life – its wise to hang on to a mirror ball.

Ben also found other balls that Jeff was sporting.

We had a few friends over to our place Memorial Day weekend. Coming into the kitchen as our guests were arriving, I had to grab my camera.  I loved this – one guest pretty relaxed about his pool attire.

No one can accuse us of having stuffy parties. At times life presents random acts of aesthetic pleasure. This moment of color coordination was a happy accident. A glimpse of life in Palm Springs / the way we are.  I’m happiest surrounded by smiles / good will / and warm water.

Over a hundred years ago, George Santayana, the great and also gay philosopher wrote, in his study of aesthetics, The Sense of Beauty:

“We may measure the degree of happiness and civilization which any race has attained by the proportion of its energy which is devoted to free and generous pursuits, to the adornment of life and the culture of imagination. For it is in the spontaneous play of his faculties that man finds himself and his happiness. By play, we are designating . . . whatever is done spontaneously and for its own sake . . . Play in this sense may be our most useful occupation.”

Let the parties begin.

– Tom


  1. PJ says:

    Fabulously erotic. Is there any more of Ben, Jeff or the guest?

  2. Joe says:

    I hope there’s more!! Please give us more of the guy in the yellow jock–and Ben and the guy in the yellow jock!!!

  3. jeremias says:

    Perfect men, Only in internet ???

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