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I save the last of these blogs on our London Portfolio for my lover/partner.  Ben is UK born and bred – from Yorkshire, a particularly beautiful part of England.  And he is an exceptionally beautiful man (with an accent that also charms me :-) Of course, when you are as I am, an artist know for his male figurative work, it’s not possible to live with a man with these assets and not have the camera pointed in his direction – a lot. Ben provides an ideal subject for the celebration of male beauty.

Ben was the first test case for how the particular lighting situation in this new space would work.  As you can see in this image – when a body has a great deal of definition and muscular articulation – and the light bounces about as it does here – the result is magic.

We found a colored light in the apartment and put it to use on a number of occasions.  I love the fact that the shots in this series often take on the effect of illustrations. Uber sexy illustrations – more interesting because they are real.

A last word. Our work is a record of the erotic vitality of our life.  The photo below is an example of that reality. Some people don’t know what to make of sexual energy depicted in reality – and that’s a good thing. Authentic art challenges our superficial judgmental default modes. Some people think that any photo that has an erotic charge or depicts sexual energy is pornography.  That attitude will not lead to sexual health. We need to make more intelligent judgments about what we see and experience.  The purpose of art is not to support repression that keeps society in denial. My success is a result of challenging the status quo by showing the joy of erotic play.  This play has a long pedigree in art from ancient cultures to Romans to Fragonard’s romantics cavorting in the forest to Picasso’s satyr in the studio – himself actually.

Ben’s and my stories about the discovery of our true selves are similar. We both came from conventional establishment lives that led to apparent success but not happiness. We left those lives to live in tune with our true natures. We do not dumb ourselves down to accommodate the fears of the sexphobic culture we came from. This message is meant to resonate with people seeking their own evolution and sensual connection to the world.  We’re glad to note, apparently our intention is being realized.

– Tom

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2 Responses to “LONDON LIFE 4”

  1. michol74 says:

    Dear Tom, I read your remarks concerning the purpose of art on male beauty portrayed in your photographs. I share fully your views. The erotic energy, which is issued by a well-proportioned body and the muscles well defined, enhances the joy of living. the light becomes only half that Shakes the volumes and masses. I think you should have the courage to live freely its own size. Everyone should seek the best means to express themselves, like you do with photography, that is true art! But now it’s been widely recognized by critics. Homophobia is rooted in European culture, especially. In Italy, where I live and where I conducted my sweat on art history, yet we live in really small bourgeois, suffocated by the dominant culture of the Roman Church, which still points to the index and tells us what we right or wrong. Thanks for your fine testimony and for the transmitter with your art: the pursuit of true beauty and justice through photography.

  2. tombianchi says:

    Thanks for your comments. As a wise voice has said – evolution happens one death at a time. The old men in brocade robes and miters are mentally sick souls who live in a delusion of their own power. That power is now increasingly exposed as corrupt. Art shows the world an alternate vision that is more true and beautiful. Art will live on.

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