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Ian is a Londoner with a body reminiscent of the kind of figures drawn by 19th century artist – fit, sturdy and naturally toned. We shot Ian with some of the sculptures we’d shot at the Victoria and Albert Museum in mind for future mergers of a real man and a sculpted one.

We also shot Ian in the late afternoon setting sunlight exhibiting simply the natural grace he possesses. And we turned him upside down for a more surreal shot in that same light.

Our bathroom came into play with some additional figure studies of Leo who you have seen featured in other posts. We shot Leo on two occasions and his full story is published in a photo essay at the site. There will be more of this extraordinary man in the future as our work on the sculpture project develop further.

We met Wes at Paris Gym where he does personal training and teaches group classes. And we had some experience with his teaching skills. He’s very focused and knowledgeable. Wes is from just outside Manchester and his accent is off the charts.  Personally – I find it wonderful though rather hard to understand. If you find a hyper masculine persona attractive – you will like the whole package – including the fact that Wes is a total teddy bear. We also shot Wes with a view toward mergers with sculptures. A torso from the Victoria and Albert is on the computer screen – and his standing pose is based on a sculpture of Hercules we found at Castle Howard.

Later in the day, Ben joined Wes as a subject for some dual figure studies. This last photo of Wes and Ben is one of my favorites from the London portfolio. The smokestacks in the distance are Battersea Park – a now decommissioned power station still waiting for development for a new purpose. But while it waits – it makes a lovely element in this unusual otherworldly  picture.

– Tom

2 Responses to “LONDON LIFE 3”

  1. michol74 says:

    nella sesta foto il modello ricorda la celebre scultura chiamata Ercole Farnese, che ebbe un enorme successo nel Rinascimento. Bellissima citazione!

    • tombianchi says:

      Thanks for recognizing the Hercules – we found him in the gardens at Castle Howard and photographed him there. We are setting Wes up in the pose for a later merger of his pictures with the sculpture. Ben has been at work on this idea and when we get a version to go public – we’ll let you know here.

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