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The bedroom in our London apartment had an unusual configuration of mirrors and windows. That space became an additional stage we used for our London shoots. Leo, who you see first, is a Brazilian who we’ve featured at the site and in recent posts here and on my Facebook posts. Trevor is second – in a wrestler’s arch.

Fabio also had a turn in the light box in the window.

Trevor arrived with a number of bags – things he thought he might use as props for the shoot. As soon as I saw the Abercrombie and Fitch bag, I knew I had to use it. Armistead Maupin, author of the brilliant Tales Of The City tells this story. He was back in the area where he grew up to do a reading. He often read a sure fire laugh provoking anecdote from one of his books that described an elderly woman who would put a brown paper bag over her head when she had gynecological exams. He began reading the story when he realized that the character he’d based the story on was sitting in the audience – his aunt sat next to his sister.

Debating whether to go on or abort the reading – he read on. Later, his sister told him that when he got to the bag on the lady’s head part, his aunt elbowed his sister and said, “See. I’m not the only one.”

Among Trevor’s bag of erotic treasures were these magnificently blue football socks. This is one of the shots from his upcoming ON THE COUCH story at the site.

Back to the light box – this image of Leandro captures two things I love about photography. First, it is a real moment. Second, something magical seems to be happening as Leandro is held in a triangular force field of focus. And if you have a problem seeing the second quality – have a toke and really stare – see what you see when you look for energies in a picture.

– Tom

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