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I’ve often thought that moving for a month or so each year to a new environment in a new country to live the life of the locals would be a perfect way to keep growing and learning. Ben’s and my time in London this winter – three months – was a realization of that dream. We found a well situated apartment – just doors down the Thames from Tate Britain on the Pimlico side of Vauxhall Bridge. We had the museums on our side of the river with clubs, bars and our gym a short walk across the bridge. The apartment, a glass box in a glass tower, worked well as a shooting location where we could create some fresh magic.

From our kitchen we saw Westminster and the London Eye with Battersea Park reflected in a mirrored wall. Out the long glass wall in the living room overlooked Bessborough Park on Grosvenor Road and it’s stand of 19th Century town houses.

We traded our view of our pool and the mountains for the wonderful urban landscapes of London. The raised platform that surrounded a sunken living room provided a great stage upon which to play.

We joined Paris gym in Vauxhall because we thought it would be a good place to meet guys who might be interested in shooting. Good call – we met some great guys, like Leandro here. Each of the shoots with the men we met and shot on our London sojourn will be published in long photo stories at the site in the coming months. This blog is a sampler of the London Lads we had the enormous pleasure of meeting and befriending – and wrestling around with on occasion as well.

Like so many men we met in London, Leandro lives there but came from Spain originally. He’s a gardener by profession – and is as charming and down to earth as one could hope.  We posted another photo of him on TomBianchiFanPage and he deservedly got dozens of “likes” in a matter of hours.

Fabio, though Italian by name and one parent, is UK born and bred.  We’ve included some of our pictures of Fabio in a submission for a book by Bruno Gmunder of men with fur.

Changing venues can drive creative change.  I was glad for this time in London because it gave me a fresh take on our work.  We’ll have more guys from the London portfolio to share in coming weeks.

– Tom

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