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My publisher in Berlin, Bruno Gmunder sent a note to let me know that some pictures I submitted to a new anthology on the subject of man fur had been accepted for publication.  I’m glad to see that one of my favorite  causes – restoring a natural look to men – is being championed with a follow up book on the subject.

I blame a lot of shaved chests on my late friend, Chuck Holmes, owner of Falcon Studios. Chuck was enraptured by body hairless blonds – pretty men. But it was all about Chuck’s taste so the Falcon  boys and their imitators took razors to their chests, legs and asses and we were all the poorer for it.  Recently, I added some fur myself which helps keep me warm in London.

Anyway – the pendulum now swings back to furry and we’re all the richer for it.  To me, this discussion is about a deeper issue. We fear that we are animals and want to appear as something above that, making ourselves sexless in the process.  Bad strategy. How many men would you include on your list of “I’d do him” if he just stopped plucking his eyebrows?  I’m not against judicious grooming. Personally, we spend a lot of money on our dog’s haircuts. But on men – a bit of scruff suggests testosterone. I could go on and on – but as the saying goes – a picture is worth a thousand words of praise for furry bodies. Here are a few pics I’ve made recently in London with hairy guys.

– Tom

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  1. Timothy R. says:

    I’d be surprisingly good fur you…

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