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Ben and I went up to Yorkshire to spend some days with his family this Christmas season. One day we headed off through the countryside on our own with no set agenda. Had I known where we were going to end up the night before, I would have been like a kid having a hard time sleeping in anticipation of what Santa might bring. As it was, I had no idea. The discovery that we’d come to Castle Howard – the stately home featured in the 1981 film series, Brideshead Revisited was the most amazing Christmas gift.

The reality of the estate was beyond what I could have imagined in scale and quality. Overwhelmingly gorgeous are the two words that come to mind. Our timing was perfect. There were few people, so we had the gardens to ourselves for the most part. The light was ideal to capture both the colors of the sculpture and the gardens.

Given that we are creating works based upon, among other subjects, the sculpture of Britain, the gardens were a gold mine – riches beyond our dreams. So much more will be said about this is in the future – we made an extensive record of our day – but these first pictures give an idea of what we found.

I also got many pictures that demonstrate the ability of the place to transport one to other centuries – imagined more tranquil – and on this day – actually this peaceful.

And this magical.

I hadn’t guessed that I’d come to England for so beautifully green a holiday. But this where we found our Christmas tree and we couldn’t be happier for the gift of this day. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

– Tom

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  1. LeoJ says:

    Happy Christmas I have to thank you for the beautiful images of Castle Howard and I’m looking forward to seeing some pale but handsome English men .

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