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Over the years, I’ve shot many men who have what most people would consider perfect bodies.  I appreciate exceptional physiques.  But I am not much interested in the current trend of turning a good-looking man into a form of plastic perfection.   We now have calendars being bound as expensive coffee table books. A guy who looks like he came off the cover of Muscle and Fitness is put in some revealing provocative pieces of sport gear with abs etched in high relief and a scowl that says – “I exist to be admired, not touched.”  I don’t find that sexy.  Those books are like a large coffee table book of Fabergé eggs.  I get it. You will never have the real thing on your table, but you enjoy looking at what you can’t have.   I’m looking for something beyond that.

Unquestionably, Jaisen could be said to express perfection of form.  The trick in shooting him is to find something real about him – and that I find sexy.  I find the act of catching a man adjusting himself  uber sexy.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, shooting Jaisen on a raft guarantees a calendar picture result if that is your aim.  He has the assets for that exercise.  I like showing a guy that when he is objectified by a practiced eye – he too could be used to sell men’s deodorant – or whatever.

But the Jaisen in this picture is the man that I find most sexy –projecting no pose or attitude.  As he approaches us, his expression tells us he’s up for some fun.  His suit, slipping down his thighs, suggest . . .  Good God – look what fun is coming my way.

To see way more of Jaisen, his  photo stories are now running in the members section of TomBianchi.com. Jaisen’s initial stories will include over 120 sexually charged images, videos and more…

– Tom

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