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The Internet changes the balance of political power enormously.  It has the ability to propel change at velocities unimagined a few years ago. The statement  – the truth shall set you free – is now more functional as more of us have to power to speak truth to power.   We have a voice if we have the will use it. If an idea is good and true – like the NOH8 campaign – it spreads across the globe as more people broadcast the message.


Chuck and Dave, a bi-racial couple from Atlanta, came out for a shoot and asked me to make some photos they wanted to use to support the NOH8 campaign. The NOH8 campaign is naturally allied with the campaign for gay marriage equality.  I see two routes with two possible positive outcomes.   DOMA – the law that prohibits the grant of federal marriage rights to same sex couples – is being challenged in Congress and in the Courts.  Given that our congress has been manipulated into paralysis by right wing fear, I don’t see a likelihood of success there soon.   The electorate would have to get so fed up with corrupt politicians using social issue prejudice to maintain personal power, that they threw them all out next election.  I love America – in the way we love dimwitted relatives. We’re not that smart yet.

The courts seem to be our best hope at present.  President Obama has declared that the government will not defend legal challenges to this obviously unconstitutional law. That’s good. What is not good, is that some of the Judges on the Supreme Court do not appreciate the issue and can’t figure out the meaning of equal protection of the law when it comes to the painful unequal treatment gay people have been subjected to historically.

 I’m concerned that the one judge who should get it – Clarence Thomas – is incapable of understanding how the constitution applies here.  His bi-racial marriage is legal because the Supreme Court struck down legal bans against it about 17 years ago. And no doubt, absent that Supreme Court decision, there would be places in America today banning interracial marriage.  They are the same places where there are people who would like to take him out and hang him for daring his relationship.  Can he connect the dots between his and his wife’s right to marry and ours?  Evidence is – he couldn’t figure out that the form designed to insure judicial integrity that asked him to report his wife’s income meant that he was supposed to report his wife’s income.  WOOOPS.   Over  $700,000 from right wing zealots he forgot to mention.

Spread the word. NOH8. Shine a spotlight on corrupt politicians and judges at the same time.  They line their pockets selling hate.  That is the truth – when broadcast and widely understood – that will ultimately set us free.

– Tom

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