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This site has been created so I can share my most intimate thoughts, experiences and my queer take on the world as I see it. I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you do - feel free to share it!

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First, the men you see here are not hired models. We work with guys who want to shoot with us on an art for trade basis.  The subject gets private online access of the best work for their own use, a six month site pass and an 11 X 14″ signed print.  We get a release to use the photos for our projects – a photo essay of the shoot in the members section – and material to contribute to future books – films – other electronic media.

We shoot couples, groups, and individuals.  You tell us what you’d like to gain from the experience – yourself as art – an erotic exploration of your sexual energy – also as art – the fun of the experience.  We discuss the various kinds of possible shoots with you in advance and decide how to proceed.  You can get see the variety of shoots in the Member’s section.

Most shoots are here at the house in a relaxed atmosphere.  We want you to be comfortable and have fun.

We can also consider other locations.  For example, we can drive out to Joshua Tree which is near by – for a day rock climbing.  Perhaps you’d be interested making some underwater pics.

We look for guys who appreciate themselves.  Idealized physiques make my job easy :-) But many of the guys we shoot don’t see themselves as “ideal” and I often see potential in men who wonder if they “measure up.”  Nothing makes me happier than when a subject tells me he never has seen himself look as good as he does through my lens.

I love when I capture the love and affection between playful men.

I like the diversity of our community and love to shoot men of all ages and colors and the variety of “styles” we project about ourselves.   Steve, lit by the skylight is over sixty.  Mark demonstrating his flexibility is over forty.  Mark with the Mohawk  is both edgy and boyish.  (And sometimes we make erotic pictures that flirt with danger – like the glass of wine on the edge of the pool :-)

Often guys I’ve shot in the past come back for updates.  Patrick was on the cover of my film, THE POOL nearly twenty years ago.  And he still looks great in the shower here.

There are reasons why someone wants to shoot with us and must remain anonymous for professional reasons.  We can accommodate that when necessary. For example, we’ve shot teachers, guys in the military and men with children.

If you’re interested in this experience with us, you can reach us at info@tombianchi.com.  We appreciate knowing as much about you as you’re comfortable revealing. So tell us about yourself and send us some pictures – three to six would be good – that fairly describe yourself as candidly as you wish. I’m always glad to hear that the possibility of a shoot here is used as an inspiration to get in the best shape you can.  If you use me that way, I’ll record and celebrate your success with you.

– Tom

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