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PICKS AND PANS – first, a pick.  Priscilla at London’s Palace theater.  This was my first ever West End theater experience and what a treat it was.  I’d seen the film.  I’d read glowing reviews a few years back and read that the music would be familiar because the show was designed to recycle hit disco numbers from my youth. But I was totally unprepared for how brilliantly the show plays on stage. I loved that it’s intense queerness got to what appeared to be generally straight audience who were lifted off their seats many times.

Second, a pan. The Buckingham Palace tour included the Royal Wedding Dress in a glass case in the middle of the Palace Ballroom.  I couldn’t imagine a less interesting gown.   It looked like something made for a Pentecostal Wedding – the mother dictating that the bride look like a thirty something virgin.   The English have a word – naff – that describes this.  They wouldn’t let us photograph the dress in the Palace, so I have to do with this bigger than life poster on the “tube” wall.

Originally, my idea was to get Ben to do an abs flash in a classic London phone booth – but there were some teens hanging out behind me and Ben didn’t want to become an attraction here.   I did, however, get a rather nice vacation portrait.

We spend some time in London’s financial district and found some interesting art on the façade of the BANK OF ENGLAND.

Alas, London bankers don’t look like that anymore.  Now they look like these men, shot in the outside elevators of the Lloyd’s Building – also known as the “inside out” building.

You see the building again from across the street reflected upside down in what is essentially a fun house mirror for businessmen.  I like this better than the usual corporate sculpture – some giant steel thing that you can’t say much more about than that. We saw a  business guy in black – they are mostly all in black – and gave him our last abs flash of the trip – though you see he didn’t notice. I got a kick out of his elf shoes – didn’t think I’d find a banker with such a sense of humor.

This picture of the entrance to Leadenhall market with the Lloyd’s Building on the right is for me the quintessential amalgam of the old and the new, a theme that kept repeating itself throughout the city.

Another shot on this theme – Big Ben across Westminster Bridge seen through the glass atrium that fronted our hotel.  This also speaks to London old and new.

And finally, on Westminster Bridge – the Queen.  Or a rubber faced facsimile.  To those who suggest that the monarchy in England is an anachronism, I ask.  Were it abolished, what would become of this character? If you ask someone what images come to mind when they hear the word LONDON – the list would be long and colorful.  The Queen, the Crown and Corgis would be near the top.  What images come to mind when you say AKRON? Anything?  Anyone?  Nothing? See.  That’s what happens without a Queen.

So, I say  – God Save the Queen.

– Tom

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  1. Stefan says:

    Hi guys – Stefan here, just came across your blog from recommendation, the pictures you have taken are fantastic, very entertaining too, I really like the “Ab Flashes” hehe! this makes me smile! – can we have more?

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