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SO many men.  Thank God for the internet so we call all see one another now.  Every so often, I watch a narrative unfold.  I share this buddy story – a friend lending a friendly back.  This man reached in his swimsuit, realizing that some cash in his crotch had gotten wet. His friend offered a place to dry it out.

We had the pleasure of running into Danny and Ewan.  Ewan from Scotland – Right – we talked online long ago about shooting.  It was great to finally meet him and a pleasure to meet him with his extraordinary boyfriend (who has a charming clipped Yorkshire accent.)  Since I’d just been in Yorkshire learning the language, I was able to understand about half of what Danny said.  I got quite a few frames of Danny’s torso against the blue water with a view toward the forthcoming book on that theme.

Every so often I get a photo I love for the story I find in it – usually involving a man.  In this case, the man is on the move – and I almost missed him.

This photo suggests a story as well. “Behold – Heaven :-) “

And here is a slippery wet angel.

So much beauty.  Hairy as well as slick.

I find male beauty in many forms. When I came out – the world didn’t look like this.  I’ve been told that I’ve been an encourager of the manifestation of beauty. If I’ve influenced its proliferation or expression in any form, I am glad I did.   At this party, I found myself in a literal sea of gorgeous men – a tribe celebrating its love in the sun. Paul Monette, who wrote the introduction to my first book, described what he saw in my work thusly:  “ Men at play, men at ease, men for real.  A world at midday, in full summer, dancing for all it’s worth.”  What a dance it is.

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