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We heard that the best party of the week-long celebration was going to be the all day party at Illa Fantasia Parc Auatic. We extended our stay to be in town for the party. Many years ago, when I first came out in Chicago and later in New York and at Fire Island in the 1970s, on rare occasion, one would see a guy with a thrilling physique.  I suspected then more men might have the potential to express the kind of presence that stopped traffic.  As the years have gone by and gyms became a natural part of our lives, the rare body 30 to 40 years ago has now become a norm in many venues.

This party was certainly one such venue.  The gallery at TomBianchiFanPage tells the story more comprehensively in pictures. Back  before European men caught up with their American cousins’ body consciousness – one did not see the quality of men we saw this day.  My impression of the European gay scene back  then was lots of effete men with thin shoulders – draped in cashmere in Italy – smoking Gauloises in France – pasty white Berliners hanging out in dingy leather bars in a haze of Marlboro smoke. That was as butch as it got.

What impressed me most about the men we saw and met here, was their general projection of health. We saw a lot of lean well-proportioned well toned men. Over the top steroid use?  Not much in evidence here. Nor did we see the extreme pierced fetish look.  Tattoos were less common then at our gym in Palm Springs and tended to be more restrained.  In short – the world here looked like what we used to call “All American.”  Athletic – clean cut sexy.  The world has changed.

It’s nice when the real guys look as good as the posters.

We also ran into Brian – another perfect example of the clean cut American look – who happens to be  –American.

The day offered many opportunities to catch the candid moment – some sexy (I find a guy adjusting himself to be uber sexy) – some memorable for myriad reasons.  Many that reflected the joy and fun of the day.

– Tom

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