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The party reported on in this blog was held Sunday at a beach club south of Sitges. We went early, having been told the party was likely sold out and we’d need to be there as the doors opened if we hoped to get in.  We did get in / and the crowd was pretty thin for the first hours.  But that is not to say the crowd was uninteresting.  On the contrary, the early comers included some serious beauties.  Eventually – the party became packed with an amazing array of men – too many for this blog.  But we’re putting up a new gallery of the record of this event at TomBianchiFanPage.  A note on these photos:  I didn’t bring my Canon SLR to the party, but opted instead to shoot with a small pocket sized Pentax.  The pictures, as a result have a different but sufficient quality to give you a sense of what I saw.

For many years, I shot the ad campaigns for Atlantis Events.  I have a long history documenting “the way we play” – a slogan (and promise) of that company.  Put me in the middle of the dance floor filled with half naked men with a camera and I’m in stud heaven. I found much of what I look for – the sense of community – the sense of fun – and the affection of these men for one another.

I congratulate Matinee for the quality of their dancers. Hot men / hot moves.


As often happens – I spot a really spectacular subject in the crowd.  IVAN.  I got a few pictures before pushing my way through the crowd to meet him.  His body is classic sculpture, his mind is sharp (how many bankers do you know who look like this under their suits?) and he’s a friendly nice guy to boot.  He comes originally from Eastern Europe and now lives in Chicago.

The way we play indeed.  I found myself in the middle of a sea of smiles and sweaty swaying bodies – and found my bliss.

 – Tom


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