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Another gorgeous day in Barcelona.  I congratulate this architecture for a design so well integrated that the shape of the stonework and balconies rhyme in perfect unique harmony.

After a morning out for breakfast and a little more sight seeing, James, Ben and I retired to the pool on the roof of our hotel, where we found more than a few attractive fellow hotel guests.

We met Mark and Bobby (in the hat) from Amsterdam. Another global story, Mark is half Chinese and comes from Suriname. I wonder what the world will be like when countries like China make the transition from their current dark ages and embrace their own gay children. I’d love to see the millions of gay souls currently living in limitation come into the light. Who wouldn’t want to see more men like this come out?

We all enjoy being with men who vibrate on the same good natured frequency we do and who embrace one another.

And some day, I hope our paths with Mark and Bobby cross again.   We love Amsterdam and I’d love to get these men for a proper shoot.

– Tom

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