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For those with an interest in architecture and design, Barcelona is pure pleasure. We’ve all heard about Gaudi – brilliant.  But there were many brilliant designers who have given Barcelona its tapestry of rich facades, opulent stone work, windows and balconies that suggest elegance and romance, and perhaps some craziness inside.  It’s easy to imagine the dramas of Pedro Almodovar playing out within these elaborate walls.

The streets and squares of Barcelona are filled through out the days and long into the nights.  This is a social city, one in which the residents go about their daily lives shoulder to shoulder with the constant waves of tourists who learn to live like the natives – lunching at out door cafés and dining late at night.  The city has a rhythm that encourages a stroll rather than a full press march to one’s objective.  It’s simply too gorgeous to dash through.

The city is filled with amazing treats for the eye  – such as this stone work over a door in the Gothic section of town.  I’m not sure, but it appears that this bas relief represents the story of Androcles and the Lion. Androcles was a run away slave who found a lion in the forest with a swollen bleeding paw.  He removed the thorn and the lion befriended him.  Later, both he and lion were captured.   Androcles was sentenced to be thrown to the lion in a public spectacle.  When the lion recognized his friend, he embraced him like a friendly dog. What could be more cute than this representation of a lovely tale?

Barcelona is a friendly place in which strangers embrace one another.  This couple on the street spotted me with my camera drawn and ready – and responded with a wave and took an iPad photo of their own.

And this young man complemented me on my physique and gave me a thumbs up as he passed.  What could be nicer than this?

When we passed the Emporio Armani window  – well, what can I say beyond this picture? This certainly ranks as one of my favorite ABS FLASH events.

Though, this one was irresistible too.  We lunched at a Tapas restaurant that celebrated the sport of rowing.  It had a full sized 8 man shell hanging from the ceiling.  I’ve long admired this sport for its beauty – and the body crew develop.  This mural was a perfect backdrop to demonstrate my affection.  Ben started working out on a rowing machine.  The river in his hometown was beyond dirty.

On a stroll to the beach, we discovered that Barcelona has an outdoor gym much like the Muscle Beach in Venice, California. And there we saw these men worthy of our attention, the black man particularly demonstrating that bronze sculptures in the city may well have been reality based.  We can only hope.

Back at our hotel, after a many miles long day of wandering the city, we made this last shot.  It was a good day for this exercise.

–  Tom

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