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Shooting Ben’s abs foreground in any picture always gives me a memorable and beautiful shot.  I also find interesting what is around and about in the picture.  In fact – sometimes I’d see something or someone in the distance that I wanted a shot of and I’d ask Ben to give me a frame or focal point for the shot.

Here is an example of a “good catch.”  The guys walking the beach were quite hot.

I found the guy laying next us in the red suit rather sexy from this angle.  Ben gave a powerful gravity to the picture.  And I loved the way the red stripe on his suit echoed the red suit beyond.  That is lucky art direction.

This shot is worth repeating in an additional version.  I find a lot I love in this shot.

In another version of the foreground abs on another day, I got this sweet couple.

Moving the angle of the shot – I got this picture of them – one that takes me back to the experience of lying on this beach.  Sea of blue and white umbrellas and beach chairs – crotches – and if you’re into feet – ain’t this sweet :-)

The first time I shot this man’s abs was when we met in Mexico at least ten years ago.  He made the cover of my calendar that year.  I like to see that a decade’ wear and tear has not destroyed something so extraordinary and was delighted to run into him this day in Sitges.

It’s kind of hard to create an “abs flash” on the beach where everyone is naked from the waist up.  An abs flash, to be more than an ordinary shot of a guy with great abs, needs to be something special. I’m creating a genre here.   I think this double abs flash makes it into the territory of “special.”

This was taken our last day on the beach and I don’t get any more tanned than this.  And I was as happy as this smile suggests.  Spain is a wonderful country / Sitges is a charming town – and we were headed for more days of fun in Barcelona. We had huge parties ahead and I got great pictures of the most amazing men from all over the world who’d come to Spain for a week long celebration.

– Tom



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  1. Leo says:

    In the fifth photo Ben looks like the dead Christ very Spanish

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