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We ran into Ron and Cédric one night at XXL – a local stuffed-to-the-gills club. Ron and I had been crossing paths for years from New York in the 70s to Los Angeles in the 80s to Aspen in the 90s – and now in Europe where he was living with his French partner.   You see their backs here, but in the future, you’ll be able to see much more of this handsome couple in a photo essay in the members section of TomBianchi.com

I showed them some photos on my iPhone – the more erotic pictures I have been making.  They said they’d be up for such a shoot and we scheduled it for the day after their first anniversary as a celebration of themselves.

Here follows a teaser of what happened that lovely afternoon up in our hotel room….

– Tom

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  1. Jack Collins says:

    This last picture of the two guys on the bed is the best! I love the pure intimacy between them. This is what art is all about!

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