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More random meetings with beautiful men…..  Anthony was from New York.  We talked with Anthony about our Fire Island Pines documentary and he told us that he’d started going out to the Pines when he was a teenager – and loved it.

When I told him that we had him in mind when we created the culture in the Pines – so guys like him coming out in the world would have a cool beach to play on. He said he thought that was very “gracious” of me and gave this incandescent smile.  We’ll stay in touch with Anthony – he’ll be a great interview subject for the film.

Another “find” was Todor.  I’d had my eye on this exceptionally handsome man from the first day we were on the beach.  Turns out, Todor is also Slavic.  I’ve been impressed with the gene pool from which he comes long before Bel Ami starting celebrating the boys from Prague.  He is more than a pretty face and gorgeous body – he is an executive in 21st century technology.   Here he is with Guemes – who seemed to know everyone hot on the beach.

It may appear that we are exclusively interested in socializing with gay men.  Not true. While we were in Leeds, we were invited to a cocktail party at the home of Diane and George.  When we learned that they were going to be in Barcelona the following week, we suggested that they meet us in Sitges – which they did for a wonderful lunch at what became our favorite restaurant in that village – Fragata.  They are delightful people – obviously gay friendly. It’s always good to have charming friends – straight folks included.

We found Spain to be relaxed about gay and straight socializing.  Lots of women on the beach – quite sexy ones for the most part.   Spain was one of the first counties in Europe to legalize gay marriage.  America?  Are you listening?  

– Tom


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