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Didn’t your mother tell you not to play with scissors? I’m not unsympathetic to the desire we have to be rid of certain unwanted hair.  I am for keeping one’s nose and ears trim. Eyebrows need not look like they could be used for a comb over. Backs don’t need to look like bear skin rugs. And if your abs are lost in Sherwood forest, some judicious pruning may be in order. I suppose if one hopes to attract a  pedophile and is past puberty, a shaved crotch might be considered attractive.  BUT.  Topiaried crotches and chest hair is just plain WRONG.

Some years back, a guy I was shooting showed up with his pubic hair trimmed to a small rectangle.  All I could think of was Charlie Chaplin as the Little Dictator with Hitler’s mustache over his dong.  I spent the whole shoot trying to disguise the disfigurement. (I wouldn’t have bothered had the rest of him not been so spectacular :-)  Recently, I saw a profile pic of a handsome guy with a super attractive torso.  But the guy had trimmed his pubic hair into an arch that began about an inch over the top of his dick.  McDonald’s Golden Arch over a sausage? That’s the image that prompted me to go public on this issue. If I can save one gorgeous crop of body hair by writing this – I will have done a worthy service.

While I’m being judgmental here, I ask –  what is the horrendous practice of men shaping their eyebrows to resemble 1940 female movie stars all about?  Do these guys really think looking like their sister is likely to get themselves laid?

A picture is worth a thousand arguments on this subject. This is my idea of hair perfection. Fortunately for me – this is who I wake up with every day of my life and I love every hair on him.

– Tom

2 Responses to “MANSCAPING / PLEASE DON’T”

  1. BeefPieBear says:

    Full-Body Manscaping IS pretty radical. But some have to do it: Olympic swimmers or competetitive bodybuilders, actors-slash-models. For some, a _little bit_ of judicious trimming ‘down there’ is just good Men’s grooming. For others its like playing a dangerous game with a weed-whacker!

    Moderation in all things. Once you venture below the neckline – err with the body hair on the side of judicious restraint. http://www.mens-grooming-tools.com

  2. Gordon says:

    Given the view, it’s a wonder you have any inclination to get out of bed at all.

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