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In my new book –  FINE ART SEX – I explain that the way I make my art is to find it in a sensual playful life.  Here’s an example of what can happen when you play freely. I’m just underwater looking to record what is happening.  Rastino swims by and I take a photograph of him as he moves past me.  Just how much magic does it take to get the light pattern on his thigh like this?  I have no idea, but when I get a result like this, I know there is a God in the universe who loves a gorgeous ass as much as I do.  And by providing this elegant light pattern, the most beautiful harmony of curves, light and shadow – God is telling me that I am loved. I couldn’t make this picture up.

I can only recognize its beauty when I see it.  This now enters my portfolio of fine art erotic images and I look forward to printing it life size or bigger.  Imagine this on the wall :-)

– Tom

For some very different images of Rastino AKA Jay Roberts visit his adult site – http://www.jayrobertsxxx.com

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