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When I was a little kid, we liked to play cowboy.  At the rodeo, I discovered a game we NEVER thought of. Putting jockey shorts on goats.  I’m not making this up. This is what they do.  A guy sits on a tire tied to a goat.  Two cowboys in sneakers and baseball hats chase the critter down and put underpants on him ?? or her.  After they humiliate  the goat, they run away.  When you were a little kid and fantasized about growing up to be a cowboy ?? did you ever dream about putting tightie whities on  goats?  Or did you just want to be the guy who sat on the tire?


Some years back I heard about an English woman who lived in Colorado and had gotten into rodeo ?? barrel races in particular.  The idea is that you race around a course of beer commercials.  Anyway, she rode a black stallion to whom she’d given a provocative name.   When she entered the race course the announcement would be   ?? “Lady Jane Broadmare will now ride to the barrels on Ebony Dildo !!!!! :-) “

Some cowboys look like cowboys.

Some cowboys look like cowboys’ boys.  Hey Chad.  I know this cool cowboy game with jockey shorts . . . . . . . .


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