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My newest book, FINE ART SEX explains my philosophy of life and art making.  First – what I take pictures of is personal. The subjects are not “models”  paid or otherwise. This page from the book  expresses the essence of my approach to the figure. My work is a diary – a documentary about my life and the people I share it with. I’m not the only artist who works this way.  Picasso painted his lovers. Mapplethorpe photographed the men he brought home from a bar – perhaps lovers for a night.  Some artists create fantasies with men they pay to be idealized in their eye. Jim French – AKA Colt Studio – comes to mind. So does Mark Henderson who’s new book POOLSIDE is a beautiful example of this way of working.

I have included myself in my image making in a way that I hope invites the viewer to feel less distance from what they are observing. I’m always looking for new ways of recording what I experience. FINE ART SEX includes some new pictures that I made during Skype calls. I’m excited about this new technology. First, it allows levels of intimacy previously unavailable to us when we are separated from someone we love ( or lust after:-) Second, it allows me to shoot my friends where ever they might be. And Third, the document itself is a new art form with its own nuances and charms. I love the way a screen shot renders the figure in a way that while photographic, looks painted or drawn. The thesis of FINE ART SEX is to live one’s life as emotionally rich and aesthetically beautiful as one can. From time to time the experience raises to the level of art. That is how I live and why I love doing what I do.

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    can’t wait to see your new book.

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