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This site has been created so I can share my most intimate thoughts, experiences and my queer take on the world as I see it. I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you do - feel free to share it!

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There comes the day in every author’s life when he gets his / her turn-in deadline on a new book from their editor – judgment day. I’ve gotten so used to being told “yesterday” that I was overwhelmed with joy when I was given until Feb 7, 2011 – Three Whole Weeks :-) I’m excited to put this new book, my 20th, together. FINE ART SEX explores my thesis that art can be found in life – and erotic art can be found in the process of living life sensuously. I explain my strategies – how I look at the world in the search for the poignant / memorable moment – to find that image that says “remember me / meditate on me.”

I chose as the cover this photo of my friend Brian Kirchner (who is himself an artist) first because it’s gorgeous and second because it plays with an artist trick that I find tired and overused – the figure with Venetian Blind Stripes. Sometimes I find clichés compelling. I like to see if I can find something fresh in an old idea. In this image, the light pattern recalled an Italian Renaissance costume – perhaps something updated for Cirque du Soleil.

Now to get to work on the interior page spreads. I’m having a great deal of fun making images using new media – cell phones – shots of Skype screen conversations with my lover – new underwater cameras. I’m employing everything I come across that allows me to record the romantic and erotic beauty of my life and the lives of my friends. And – I am now officially a twitterman. If a tweet can benefit from an expanded conversation (pictures always help :-)) you will find these communications linked. Happy New Year to us all. My prayer for America – let us all be a kinder gentler people. We have so much pain and confusion to heal.


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